9 Ways to Get Your Creativity Back When You Lost It

9 Ways to Get Your Creativity Back When You Lost It

Creativity is one of the highly valued skills to have when you want to differentiate yourself in a competitive world. It does not matter which industry you are in, whether it’s art, business, marketing, hospitality or engineering - creativity helps you solve complex problems and think out of the box.

However, you may think that you are not creative and say: “Of well, I was never good at painting or creating art”.

The good thing is that creativity presents itself in different forms. Creativity is simply letting your brain make different connections between things and situations. It’s like letting your brain do the magic without thinking too much.

Why Is It So Hard To Be Creative?

When you get older, your mind is relying on things and experiences that are known and familiar. As a result, you are less likely to be curious and explore different ideas and things. Another reason for struggling with creativity is the fact that you think you are not creative. You believe this idea so much that you program your mind and block it from creativity to bloom. When in reality, the more you are open and believe that you can create something different, you will be more likely to unlock your inner creativity. This is why the fewer rules and restrictions you have regarding your tasks, the more creative your brain can be. 

Why Do You Lose Your Creativy?

You cannot control the fact that you get older, which is one of the main reasons for losing creativity. However, there are other things that influence how creative you are which you can control:

  • Not enough sleep.
  • Trying to be busy instead of being productive.
  • Criticising and not trusting yourself.
  • Unhealthy diet and lack of exercise.
  • Too much stress.
  • Becoming experts at something.

How To Get Your Creativity Back?

As we already discussed, you do have creativity in you. You just need to find ways to awaken it and bring it back. Here are some ways to regain your creativity:

1. Try something different

Let’s say you are working on a project, and you are struggling with it, try another task, perhaps the easier or just a different one. It may not even be a task, but just a simple activity, like reading or listening to music.

2. Clean your space

While you focus on one task for too long, it simply gets exhausting. Just clean, whether it’s your house, office or working space. Go organise things, do the dishes or vacuum. These mindful cleaning activities will help you refresh and restart your brain.

3. Go for a walk

Fresh air and a change of environment will definitely stimulate your creative inner child. Try to walk mindfully, look at the space around you, feel the ground under your feet, give attention to the sounds and smells. A mindful walk will help to create some headspace for creativity to flourish.

4. Get inspiration somewhere else

When you are lacking ideas, it might be good to listen to other people talk about their projects and ideas. You may be surprised to see the positive effects on your creativity when you hear the perspective of others. 

5. Take a break

Gone creativity can simply be a sign that you need a break. Take a break from your work, spend a weekend in nature, have dinner with friends or simply watch a movie.

6. Travel to a new place

Discovering new places can boost your imagination and give you a new perspective. Go somewhere you have never been before and try new experiences.

7. Practice positive emotions

Gratitude, joy, kindness and compassion can help you expand your thinking and create more space to think more creatively. To create positive emotions make connections with positive people, have a journal, meditate, paint and accept the present moment.

8. Don't think

When we think and overthink too much, we become too attached to our thoughts and ideas. This way, we do not leave any space for creative ideas to come. We also become tired, which reduces the functioning of the brain. One of the most popular ways to stop thinking is to practise meditation in any form, such as watercolor painting.

9. Be childlike

Not a surprise that children are more creative than adults. It is often associated with a lack of self-control. More creative people tend to have less self-control, while people who have strong self-control have less creativity. There are so many ways to be more childlike: explore, do something fun, be vulnerable, relax and do nothing, dream.

Unleash Your Creativity Now!

If you feel stuck and no great ideas are coming to your head, do not judge or be hard on yourself. Understand, that it is normal to lose creativity sometimes. The good news is, that there are so many ways to regain your creativity back. 

A great example is a mindful watercolor painting. It allows you to empty your mind, surrender to the present moment and awaken your creativity. Want to learn more? Read about the benefits of becoming a member of our Unwindle community.

Or check our Youtube channel for some step-by-step relaxing watercolor tutorials. 

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