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We've taught 2000+ people with different backgrounds to paint so you can do it as well! Consume less and start creating.

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Making art is a proven stress reliever. Drawing or painting enables you to disconnect from your busy life and be in the moment.

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Exploring new and creative skills is something your brain will love and you'll feel happy and relieved after every drawing or painting.

“I have more self-confidence about my creativity and that I can just try out things.”

- Fabrizia Carofiglio

“Watercolor painting taught me that I can also embrace more alpha activities, having so much fun and seeing plenty of benefits.”

- Marialuisa Quadri

Where Creativity Meets Relaxation

We all know that it's not easy to be creative these days. With so many demands on our time, we feel overwhelmed and drained of energy. And sometimes we're not sure where to start or what to do with ourselves when the world around us is demanding a million things at once.

But it doesn't have to be this way! With Unwindle, you can reclaim your creativity at your own pace. It's as simple as selecting an activity from our library, tuning in to one of our videos for guidance and instruction, then following along and doing some drawing or painting - while also relaxing with mindfulness exercises such as gratitude or a body scan meditation. In other words: it's therapeutic art for adults who don't want their creativity stifled by stressors like jobs, deadlines, and daily worries.

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The best way to create and relax.

A Plus membership gives you everything you need to mindfully create, these are the benefits

70+ video tutorials and guided creative meditations with relaxing music

New videos are being added regularly

Community with like-minded people to share your creative self-care journey with and ask questions

Watercolor Beginners Course to learn all the basics of watercolor painting

Creative Progress Tracking where you can upload photos of your creations

BONUS: Recordings of Live Workshops

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