In a world that swallows up our inner peace,
taking a moment for yourself and enjoy complete serenity has become a luxury we long for.
Unwindle is here to help you let your mind wander
and your inner creativity flow
It's not about painting a perfect picture like Picasso,
but about enjoying the process
Doing something creative is fun, easy,
and best of all– it relieves the stress of a busy life.
Taking care of your mind means taking care of your life.

Relax, Create, Unwind.

“When we make art, we enter a ‘flow state,’ which helps us to let go of stress and embrace the only thing we truly have: the present moment.”

Suzanne Thee, founder Unwindle

Our Values


We believe in borderless imagination and encourage it every step of the way.


We promote turning creative me-time into a top priority for a happier life.


We are committed to bringing peace and happiness to minds and hearts.


We encourage being present and engaged in the moment, observing thoughts and feelings without judgment.


We provide an opportunity to clear the mind and let go of negative emotions and feelings.


We only deliver content that has been tested and proven to positively impact the mind and body.


We want to awaken the child within.


We listen, understand, and take action to address your needs and expectations.


We create a conscious space to relieve the body and mind from tension and anxiety.

What People Say

“I have more self-confidence about my creativity and that I can just try out things”

“When I paint I experience the peace within me (like I didn't know anymore where I was, a bit the feeling of meditation), the surprise feeling that I could make something beautiful with no prior skills/experience. Now I have more self-confidence about my creativity and that I can just try out things. It extends to many aspects of my life, from choosing clothes to make-up, to how I would like the new kitchen to be.”

Fabrizia C. - Portfolio manager

“Watercolor painting taught me that I can also embrace more alpha activities, having so much fun and plenty of benefits”

I really felt the joy of painting my first rose. Thanks to the explanation, it came so naturally and so expectedly! I did start to embrace artistic activities that I never considered before. I always thought that I have a beta personality and skills.

Marialuisa Q. - Medical writer

We work together with creatives around the world

Meet our Creators

Inspiring Creative Freedom for a Mindful Life

Our mission is to help people with busy lives discover creative ways of relaxing and enjoying their free time. We do so by offering you a mindful creative experience, guided by relaxing videos of creative activities like watercolor painting or drawing and we will add more various creative activities soon. All you have to do is find a quiet place to sit down, start your recommended or favorite video and let your innate creativity run free.

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