Give your employees the gift of Creative Mindfulness

We all know that it's not easy to be productive these days. With the current less balanced work situation, employees feel often overwhelmed and drained of energy. It becomes more difficult for companies to keep everyone engaged and motivated. With Unwindle you're able to give them the creative break they need, which will help your colleagues to be more relaxed, energized and focused through mindful creative activities.

As government employees, I and my team had been working exclusively from home for more than a year. I wanted to provide my team with an extra tool for coping with the challenges of working in a digital and socially isolated environment. A way to stay balanced. Suzanne’s workshop was just what I was looking for. Her approach allowed us to learn, experience and feel confident in our inherent creative abilities. The entire experience exceeded all expectations: from the initial contact with Suzanne to fine-tune the program to the fully equipped starter kit we all received in advance of the workshop. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone looking for innovative ways to enhance individual as well as team creativity and just a general sense of well-being.

Petra van der Hoeven
Senior Manager, Municipality The Hague

Stimulate creativity within your organization.

There are many different ways to clear one’s mind and cope with stress, but what way works best? We believe that creative activities such as watercolor painting and drawing are an easy & creative way to relax and clear your mind.

Why offer watercolor painting to your colleagues?


Watercolor painting is very accessible, easy to start with and because you create something tangible it’s an easy way to be mindful.


You are able to clear your mind easy and fast and stop your mind of any thoughts or distractions, because you need to give attention to your painting.


Painting stimulates thinking in an innovative way and will eventually improve your problem-solving- and critical thinking -skills.

There are even more benefits

✔️  Relieve Stress

Help your colleagues to relax more through creative activities and improve holistic health.

✔️  Better Focus

Doing something creative relieve the brain from the strain of continuous concentration and allow it to focus better.

✔️  Improve Self-confidence

Your colleagues will be able to create something tangible quickly, which gives the feeling of satisfaction and improves their self-confidence.

✔️  Feeling inspired

When you're engaging in creative activities, you will come up with ideas more easily, feeling ‘flow’ in day-to-day activities and work tasks and being curious (again).

✔️  Stimulation of the right brain

Research has shown that painting stimulates the right brain, our creative brain, encouraging open-ended thought, problem-solving- and critical thinking skills.

✔️Letting go of perfectionism

Participants are being encouraged to let go of control, get out of their comfort zone and embrace mistakes. This way they are able to experiment freely and experience inner freedom.

"I was very surprised how much we could learn in such small amount of time. I am very happy to have been introduced to this new way to get inspired!!! Thanks!"

- Adriana de Bord (participant)
Pinterest, San Francisco

"I felt relaxed. After a busy day at work this was a truly amazing experience. I would remember the most - the positive attitude and the relaxing atmosphere :)"

- Desislava Petkova (participant)
o9 Solutions, Amsterdam

What we have to offer

We believe all businesses and their employees will benefit from our services, and we would love to work with you to make that happen.

Unwindle @Work

Give your colleagues access to Unwindle, a complete creative relaxation app with video tutorials that they can follow at their own pace and monthly live sessions where creativity and mindfulness are being combined.

We offer a flat monthly rate for your entire organization (so no per employee fee).

Virtual Watercolor Workshop

Organize a live 1.5-hour virtual event for your colleagues with our Unwind with Watercolor workshop where you'll learn the basics of watercolor painting in a mindful way. This workshop can be given to any group size (recommended group size: max. 40 persons).

Including a watercolor starter kit.

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