Why You Should Make Time For "Me-Time"

Why You Should Make Time For

What does ‘me-time’ mean to you? It doesn’t have to be a full day at the spa or hanging out with the girls. ‘Me-time’ can mean even those 15 minutes in the bathroom removing your make-up at the end of the day. It can mean making your breakfast smoothie. Or just looking out the window lost in thought for 5 minutes.

Being away from the noise is highly beneficial for you in terms of productivity, creativity, and self-esteem, studies show. In a world where being alone is confused with loneliness, it’s hard to appreciate the few quiet opportunities we get of enjoying some alone time.

However, getting better at recognizing the moments in which we need solitude to recharge and reflect can help us deal with negative experiences easier and control our emotions more effectively, said Emily Roberts, a psychotherapist.

Besides it being relaxing, ‘me-time’ encourages your brain to get creative. There’s a reason why painters or authors retreat in secluded places, one of them being that they can let their thoughts run free. By getting some time alone you can organize your thoughts and discover new ideas you never thought you could have.

What’s better than destressing after a long day or week? Being alone gives you the opportunity to find your inner peace, decompress, and regain focus. Whether it’s taking a hot bath, reading few pages from your favorite book or practicing mindful meditation, ‘me-time’ can help you recharge and recollect your thoughts for the next day.

One of the most satisfying benefits you can get from alone time is freedom. You’re free to be whoever you want without judgement, boundaries or negotiation. It helps remind you that you’re in control of your own life, it improves your mood, and restores your mental balance.

Try to take those few minutes of alone time with every chance you get because you will benefit from it in so many ways. It will also make you connect with others at a deeper level since you’ll be more in tune with your thoughts and emotions. You’ll also be so much more relaxed, making your everyday life more enjoyable!