Art As A Form of Self-Care

When it comes to feeding your soul with the right ‘nutrients’ for your well-being, art can go a long way. 

It’s really easy to neglect to take the time to attend to our personal needs and wants when our schedules are packed, yet self-care is one of the most important parts of living a fulfilling life.

Why is self-care important?

There is no day that passes without experiencing waves of all sorts of thoughts, emotions, and feelings. They try us each second, encourage us or put us down, and it’s a never-ending spiral of keeping your mental state at bay. When it comes to negative thoughts, they always play out like a domino effect. 

Well, before we want to take care of anyone else, we have to take care of ourselves first. Since there is no person in this world that knows us better than we know ourselves, it’s our responsibility to attend to our needs as genuinely as we can.

What does Art have to do with Self-care?

Besides it being versatile and fun, art has been proven to have amazing benefits on the mind and body. It opens up your mind to new ideas and your heart to a whole new spectrum of emotions. Art liberates you like no other endeavor can.

The link between art and self-care is so strong because:

1. Art encourages self-expression & self-discovery

When we are creating something, we are bound to ponder on what we like, what we prefer, and what we wouldn’t mind letting go of. Going on this mental journey means we’re making choices and making a choice calls for introspection. 

Not only are we looking within ourselves when we’re relaxing and having fun through art, but we’re also bringing to life our inner world.

2. We can start wherever and however we want and still be proud of it

Giving our imagination a tool to materialize in our external world has no beginning and no ending. Rules don’t exist and the only thing that matters is that we’re doing it. Once we realize our creation gives us the limitless space to be whoever we want, every step becomes the right step regardless of how weird or uncommon it is. 

3. It can make you see your life from a fresh perspective

While you’re submerged in the process of creation, time stops. In those very seconds of stillness, your mind opens to new possibilities. You start seeing new horizons through ideas you never had before and life morphs right before your eyes. Experiences and people that seemed some sort of way before start gaining new shapes and colours. Sooner than you realize, time unpauses and you’re left with the lingering sense of change. Art gives you the ability to see the world through a new kaleidoscope of thoughts, opinions, and impressions.

Be it listening to music, going to a concert, journaling, singing, painting or taking some pictures, it’s important to keep yourself in mind. Whatever form of self-care you prefer, go for it! Your soul will benefit from taking the time to create the experiences you need right when you need them.

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