Lisa Wessels

Behavior Therapist & Artist

Lisa Wessels is a behavior therapist for children living in San Francisco, US. She recently discovered the joy of creative mindfulness. Although she has always had a creative mind, she never took the time to put her creativity into practice. However, since the pandemic started, she wanted to do something that would not only cheer her up but also the people around her: that's how she started painting! Lisa says that painting fulfills her creatively and helps her clear her mind.

After discovering how enjoyable painting is, she also realized that she started paying more attention to her surroundings: she pays close attention to the colors and shapes of flowers and leaves in nature and tries to remember pretty color combinations she sees during the day. ⁠

Fun fact about Lisa: After she finishes her watercolor paintings, she writes a happy message on the back and strolls around the neighborhood to hand them out or put them in random mailboxes. She loves nothing more than to make other people smile! ⁠

Petra van Dreumel

Author & Illustrator

Petra van Dreumel lives in the Netherlands and is an author, illustrator and – as she puts it – cheerleader of dreams. She uses creativity to help others on their path of self-discovery and personal growth. Petra herself started painting when she had to recover from a severe concussion. She found out that creativity and making art helped her to clear her head and relax her body. After this, she started painting more and more, and she even quit her job as marketing director to spend more time on this. Her illustrations can be found in her two books 'Van Dromen naar Doen' (Make your dreams come true) and 'Een boekje vol geluk' (a little book of happiness), a greeting card line and on her Instagram account.

In her tutorials, Petra combines creativity with beautiful exercises to get to know yourself better, to become more aware of your strength or to balance body and mind.

Disi Ye

Communications Manager & Creative enthusiast

Disi Ye is a full-time communications advisor and part-time creative enthusiast. She has always enjoyed creating and putting her imagination onto paper. Ever since she was a child she loved to express herself creatively, her school notebooks always being filled with doodles. Now she has even more creative passions: from drawing to painting and indoor gardening, Disi finds her peace of mind by enjoying the present moment with a creative activity every chance she gets. From her tutorials, you'll find out that she likes to teach you creative skills as well as provide a fun relaxing time for you to fully enjoy! 🎨⁠

Nienke Vletter

Illustrator & Handlettering artist

Nienke Vletter is an illustrator from Utrecht, The Netherlands. She gets a lot of inspiration from the city and its people. She never leaves the house without a sketchbook, so she can draw anytime and anywhere.⁠

Living with attention is an important value in her life. She balances all the outside stimuli with quiet time in her studio. Surrounded by her art supplies (preferably organized by color ;) She gets into that mindful flow. In her tutorials, she likes to teach you creative skills as well as providing a fun relaxing time for yourself.⁠

Suzanne Thee

Founder Unwindle & Watercolor artist

Suzanne Thee is a former banker who turned creative. She finds balance one of the most important aspects in her life and discovered the power of creativity a couple of years ago. It helped her to completely relax, let go of her perfectionism and find a good work-life balance. It even saved her from a burnout, so it became her mission to co-create a world where everybody has a creative outlet to relieve stress, enjoy, be mindful and live a balanced life. She started giving mindful watercolor workshops as unicorn scale-ups like Pinterest and o9 Solutions and launched Unwindle to help people with busy lives discover creative ways of relaxing and enjoying their free time through online creative sessions!